Ross continues to build strong long lasting partnerships – January, 2016

“I wanted to mention how truly thankful we are to you and your staff, they have been amazing to work with and their dedication and commitment is shown in our buildings and our books. I just love the communication they provide. Thanks again for all you do and please know, we are so happy with how things have been going over the past couple of years.”

Deidreia Gomez
Chief Financial Officer
Columbia Group Urban Ventures

Greenways Market Rate Senior Development Sells truly bittersweet parting as expressed by the developer:

“This closing is definitely bitter sweet. You and your team have been amazing to work with and I feel quite close to and have a huge amount of respect for you, Brooke, Jerry, Kim, Wade, and the rest of your team. You run a first-class organization and I am happy that we had the opportunity to do business together.

I am sure there will be a couple loose ends to tie but wanted to let you know that the heavy lifting is over, and to say thanks for being a great business partner! “

Charlie Johnson, Developer

Appreciation from a case manager – December 03, 2015

…Kathy Hedglin, the administrator at Whittier, did such an excellent job explaining patiently and in detail all the requirements for Tina to be a successful resident at one of your Section 8 units. It was exciting to see Tina’s eyes light up…

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We’re proud of our first four months of managing – Meadowlark Apartments receiving an ABOVE AVERAGE MANAGEMENT REVIEW rating by the North Dakota Housing and Finance Agency

…”The completeness of your resident files and other pertinent documentation, was well as the physical condition of the property has eliminated the need for a response…”

Letter from North Dakota HFA »

From the Colorado Housing and Finance Agency, an ABOVE AVERAGE MANAGEMENT RATING for our tax credit expertise.

“Thanks a lot to THE ROSS TEAM, that continues to do an excellent job and helps us advance the affordable housing cause. It speaks a lot about the leadership and hard work. ‘above average’!!”
Getabech Mekonnen “Gete”
Executive Director
Northeast Denver Housing Center Inc.

Our safety in the field pays off with substantial dividend returns.
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Ross Management lends helpful training to HUD personnel. We would like to thank the US Department of Housing and Urban Development headquarters for their gracious thank you letter ».

Completion of Benedict Park Place

On November 18, 2011, Denver’s affordable housing leaders gathered together with the community to celebrate the completion of Benedict Park Place, one of the city’s most notable mixed-income projects and one of many affordable housing projects managed by Ross Management Group. According to The Denver Business Journal, “The 15-acre, sustainable project… include[s] a total of 688 units and cost a total of some $204 million.” The project has been recognized by Shaun Donovan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as the hallmark of redevelopment projects nationwide.

“Ross Management Group, the property manager on the project, has across the board made this thing work – they have been diligent. They have been the defender of the vision of this mixed income concept. Even when we were onto the next phase, they kept that vision alive. I think a lot of the success of this development is credited to Ross Management Group.”

-Chris Parr, Director of Development at Denver Housing Authority

99% REAC Score!

View our recently received Certificate of Excellence and Letter of Appreciation from the HUD Office of Multifamily Housing, Denver Multifamily Hub

Congratulations to our superior maintenance staff on our recent REAC scores! We received a 99% (very rare indeed), 92% and 89% at our three REDI sites. In addition, we scored a 92% at Denver NE.

Way to go Indian Springs and Windsong in Tulsa, Liggins Tower, 7 REDIs, Whittier and Warren Village for their Above Average rating on their MOR’s!

Wow! Benedict Park Place scored a 99% REAC score on building 1B and a 92% on 4B!

Appreciation and Gratitude

“On behalf of Rocky AHMA, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional class Debi Ross instructed on ‘Renewing Your Section 8 Contract.’ The course was information, and a well-researched resource for those who attended. The seminar evaluations were excellent, including this one: ‘This was the best class/presentation I have had in eight years. The resource material provided will be really helpful in doing contract renewals.’ Additionally, the legal perspective provided was invaluable. I am very much looking forward to future classes.”

Kimberly O’Shea, Executive Director of Rocky AHMA

100% leased at ParkView Place!

Success at ParkView Place!

To Our Staff!

Congrats to Gateway Place in Greeley!

They are 97% occupied, 99% of the vacant apartments are leased, and 95% overall leased.

Way to go!

What People Are Saying

“I wanted to write and share the appreciation I have for the great work your team has done with our portfolio. The portfolio management with lower vacancies, better upkeep and maintenance, increased revenue with better rent adjustments and compliance, and excellent accounting and budget management is what we at NDHC have looked for and trusted we would get from The Ross Management Group under your leadership and with your competent and professional staff. It is great to have a good team!”

Thanks again,
Gete Mekonnen, North East Denver Housing Corp.

“Ross Management Group has managed dozens of properties for us over the past 20 years. Debi Ross is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and the best manager that I have ever seen. She has a deep knowledge of the regulations and strong relationships with HUD, the government agencies and other municipalities. She blends a genuine care for the entrepreneur that owns the project, a tremendous sense for the importance of the maintaining the property, and a strong empathy for the tenants.

Their work is superb.”

— Phil Winn, client since 1989

“Debi Ross is always there for me.  I’ve been with her 19 years, and I would never want to use anyone else for property management.She’s honest, when I need her she’s always available, and she always does an amazing job.  The level of care has been superb.  She comes highly recommended.”

— Tom Morgan, client since 1991

“Ross Management Group and the Housing Partnership go back a long time.  Stacie is our contact, and her ability to select office managers and train those new managers is outstanding. We’re always on the same page about how best to manage our facility.  Ross Management Group provides excellent care.”

— Bonnie Osborne, Past Executive Director at Douglas County Housing Partnership

“Over the years, Ross Management Group has really helped our property grow.  They have been critical in helping us develop and maintain a strong relationship with HUD, and in preparing us for CHFA and REAC audits. We applied and received a $6M stimulus grant, and they were extraordinarily supportive and helpful in supplying us with the data that HUD needed.

They are very diligent about frequent communications, and we have a great relationship with them.”

— Sue Mohrman, Past President and CEO of Warren Village, Inc., client since 1998

“I have worked with Ross Management Group for two years, but I wish I met them 15 years ago.”Since they took over my property’s management, they have helped turn a loss into a very handsome profit. They are very well organized, knowledgeable and professional.

“They have appointed their HUD Regulatory and Compliance Specialist to be involved in each and every expenditure to meet HUD guidelines – everything from routine utility payments to repairs. They offer the best quality assurance you can possibly have.

“They make sure we are at maximum occupancy, and that means maximized income. Plus they keep an eye on my expenditures, and that adds up to maximum profits. I highly recommend them.”

-David Zapiler, property owner, client since 2008

Lived here 3 years Jefferson county just took it over my hallways are filthy smell s like pee so does the laundry room area of the bldg has trash and debris all over but it is something that a blower can handle. It’s sad cuz Ross MGMT took so good care of our bldg it was always clean and there WAS NEVER TRASH OUTSIDE LIKE NOW..I loved it here but goes to show what Jefferson county is made of… definitely put our bldg in the very low income bracket…miss you Ross management please come back 💯✅

-You only live once You never know