At Ross Management Group, we are excited to announce the renovation of The Arbors at McCormick Park in Fargo, North Dakota. This low-income housing complex is joining our affordable housing list for low income and Section 8 voucher families.

Along with the new apartment renovations, residents at The Arbors can expect more programming and service opportunities to help create partnerships with the local Fargo community.

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The Arbors at McCormick Park

The Arbors at McCormick Park seeks to provide support and local resources for residents to help them achieve their goals, whether they are educational, career, health, or financial goals.

This 186-unit apartment complex, located in Fargo, North Dakota, provides low-income housing to Fargo residents. Both Chisom and The Arbors understand how important affordable housing is for providing stability for a family. That is what makes their housing, combined with the new building renovation, such an important aspect of The Arbors.

Acquired by Chisom Housing Group last year, The Arbors at McCormick Park are currently undergoing renovations that will:

– Improve energy efficiency in the building
– Increase resident’s comfort– Provide upgrades to apartment amenities, including a community room, children’s activity center, ADA laundry room, and adult education classes.

Future residents can also look forward to new flooring, windows, and light fixtures, bathroom and kitchen renovation, all-new appliances, and an open floor plan. This summer, the new Leasing Office and Community Center is scheduled to open and will provide a library, kitchen, fitness studio, and business center for residents to utilize.

The Arbors at McCormick Park is multi-million dollar tax credit renovation that will help provide and improve Fargo’s low-income housing opportunities. In fact, The Arbors is the only project-based assistance currently available in Fargo. Current residents of The Arbors at McCormick Park community are primarily working families — including intergenerational families and New Americans who have settled in the Fargo, North Dakota, area.

Amidst the renovation, Chisom will continue their partnership with Charism — a neighborhood support center for families and youth — who plans to provide a biweekly food pantry and education programs for residents at The Arbors.

In fact, the new Community Center opening this summer will create a space for local Fargo service members to provide different programs and services for residents.

The Arbors at McCormick Park also has a Facebook page if you want to watch for updates and photos of the new renovation!

Low-Income Housing

Qualifying for low-income housing is a process that goes through the local Public Housing Agency (PHA). The PHA will determine if you are eligible for low-income housing, using a predetermined set of criteria. If accepted, the PHA will issues a Housing Choice voucher that can be used at low-income housing locations, like The Arbors at McCormick Park in Fargo, to provide assistance with housing costs.

Do you know if you qualify for low-income or Section 8 housing? You can take a look at our explanation of the Section 8 housing  requirements and see if you qualify.

Or, do you already know that you meet the qualifications? Before you can start the process of finding housing at The Arbors at McCormick Park, you need to apply for low-income housing. We created an easy-to-follow guide to help you better understand how the application process for Section 8 housing through the PHA works.  

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