When It Comes to Your Grant Proposal, Ask for Help!

At Ross Management Group, our team member Deborah has helped not-for-profit owners work through the sometimes-complicated writing and submission of wide variety of grant proposals and requests, including:

  • Flexible Subsidy Deferral requests to HUD (the Housing and Urban Development department)
  • Special Subsidy Grants
  • Energy Conservation Grants
  • And more

This puts our team in a position to better help not-for-profit owners with other areas of the businesses, including grant proposals. If you’re looking for help, make sure you contact Ross Management Group, our property management firm, today! From grant writing to property management consulting and managing low-income and affordable properties, our property management firm is here to help.

Writing A Grant Proposal

The process of writing a grant proposal can be confusing, from the actual writing of the grant proposal to the submission of the final proposal. There are some key elements that should go into writing a grant proposal, however, including the need, how your business is different, how you’ll make an impact, what solutions you’re proposing, what your budget looks like, and more.

Learn more about what those different elements mean. If you’re looking for expert grant writing help, don’t wait. Reach out to our professional property management firm.

Show Your Need

When you submit a grant proposal, they will want to see you explain your need for the grant. This includes sharing more information about your not-for-profit organization and how the project you need funded will impact the surrounding community.

Standing Out

What does your not-for-profit organization do different from other organizations? You want to make your proposal show how your work is different, both from your competitors and the other organizations that are applying for the same grant.

Make an Impact

How does your business make an impact on the community? Since you’re a not-for-profit owner, this aspect is vital for any well-rounded grant proposal. Through our grant writing, we will make sure that you mention how your organization is making a difference and how the grant would allow you to increase or expand your scope.

Focus on the Solutions

You want to make sure your proposal isn’t just focusing on the problems — that doesn’t show how your organization helps. Instead, focus on the solutions you offer. This gives the grant committee something substantial, and they can directly see how their grant would make an impact.


Since you’re asking for money, you want to share your budget within the proposal. Including a faulty or miscalculated budget is an easy way to discredit your grant proposal. When you work with Ross Management Group for your grant writing, we will go through your proposal to ensure that you have a strong budget that will make you look organized and stand out among the other applications.

Trust the Ross Management Group Team

At Ross Management Group, we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of property management. When you choose our team, you get access to a property management firm with the skills to help you succeed, whether you want to focus on grant writing as a not-for-profit owner or need help with different aspects of property management. Contact our team with any questions or to get started today!

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