Working with Senior Property Management

The Ross Management Group is a senior property management team with skills in all aspects of compliance, financial management, and HUD related programs.

Deborah Ross Weseloh from the Ross Management Group has been retained as the advisor/developer to help Skyline Towers, Inc. during and after the refinance process. Weseloh, along with the Ross Management Group, are experts in affordable and Section 8 housing with over 25 years of experience managing in excess of 2,500 units.

Ms. Weseloh recently completed the refinance and rehabilitation of a senior property located in Greeley, Colorado, and has been involved in three other 223(f) refinances. She has a strong working relationship with the local HUD office and mortgage lenders, helping create relationships between HUD and our senior property management group.

When it comes to Section 8 housing, let the senior property management team at Ross Management help.

From the Experts

“Debi Ross-Weseloh and Ross Management are experts in the structuring and management of multifamily and seniors housing as well as Section 8 and affordable housing. Debi has a proven track record of providing value to both her for-profit and nonprofit clients utilizing FHA and agency loan programs. Red Mortgage Capital, LLC has worked with her on a number of transactions and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. ”

— Jim Flinn, Managing Director, Red Mortgage Capital, LLC

Deborah Ross Weseloh also quarterbacked the refinance at Redi’s 17th Avenue property.

“I’ve been in the business nearly 30 years and the Redi 17 financing of 2013 spearheaded by Debi Ross and her team at Ross Management was not only one of the most challenging but in the end one of the most satisfying. Working hand-in-glove with her professionals, we at Stifel Bank & Trust were able to combine several properties spanning in ages of some 75 years and exhibiting wide ranging rehabilitation needs into a single HUD-insured, cross collateralized mortgage. The loan, set at some of the lowest interest rates in recent history, provided sufficient funds to address those myriad critical repair needs in addition to fully modernizing the cross section of building types all without disrupting the lives of the low income senior tenants which occupy the units. The revitalization of Redi 17 whose facilities lie in the heart of Denver’s historic downtown residential district will long be recognized as a vital contributor to the ongoing restoration of this targeted neighborhood. Thanks to Ross a nearly two-year journey from concept to closing is now a reality for those worthy tenants and their now vastly improved quality of life.”

— Richard Price, Senior Vice President, Stifel Bank & Trust.

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