Since 1987 we have provided low-income housing tax credit management for different properties. The property supervisors who direct the on-site staff have all had extensive low-income housing tax credit training and are proficient in the eligibility and reporting requirements required for low-income housing tax credit properties.

Our proven process ensures program compliance during lease-up and continuing.

This process was developed and modified over the years to ensure strict controls that all the various program components are met.

Additionally, we are able to maximize rents while adhering to the stringent compliance regulations. With our deep knowledge of special report writing, we can prepare customized reports that oftentimes are required by various investors and compliance monitors.

When combined with our attention to detail and thoughtfulness, our processes and tools are the best in the industry.

Get help from The Ross Management Group when it comes to managing low-income housing tax credits. To download PDF versions of our brochures, please click below:

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Management Brochure

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