Our Training Programs

In our low-income and Section 8 program training sessions, we will delve into the different types of government assistance programs available, and what that means for you as an owner or landlord of a low-income or affordable housing property.

Learn more about some of those programs below. If you have questions, or want to learn more about our training program, contact our team today!

Project-Based Section 8 program

The Project-Based Section 8 program is a Rental Assistance program that works to create affordable apartment housing. This government-funded program provides subsidies to help low-income tenants pay for an apartment in these privately-owned apartment communities. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has created different qualifications for residents to receive this subsidy.

Our Section 8 program training will help you better understand how this program works and what you can do to offer this type of low-income housing.

Housing Choice Vouchers

The housing choice voucher program is another type of government-funded program that provides assistance for very low-income families. This program works by providing the landlord with a housing subsidy for a low-income family that has been approved for the housing choice voucher.

A low-income family must choose a housing complex that meets the requirements of the housing choice voucher program. If you have — or want to have — a housing complex that accepts these vouchers, our training program will help you further understand the process for doing so.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) provides a tax credit incentive to landlords. For a property to qualify for a LIHTC, the complex must comply with a series of regulations.

You can learn more about this the LIHTC process on our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit page.

Affordable Housing Regulatory Compliance

If you offer low-income or affordable housing, there are certain federal, state, and local compliance requirements that must be met and maintained. Our training program will help you better understand these regulations and help you ensure that you’re following all low-income and affordable housing requirements.

HUD & FHA Loan Compliance

An FHA-insured loan is an insurance-backed mortgage loan from the U.S. Federal Housing Administration that is provided by an FHA-approved lender. A HUD home is when the homeowner has an FHA-insured mortgage. If that owner is unable to make their mortgage payments and the home forecloses, these HUD homes can then be bought and HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development) will pay the remaining loan balance back to the lender.

In order to receive an FHA loan or have a HUD house, there are different compliances that must be followed. Our training program will

Budget Preparation and Market Rate Surveys

There are many other aspects that go into offering low-income and Section 8 housing, including budget preparation and market rate surveys.

Our trainings will delve into these areas of property management, along with other aspects like grant writing, HUD refinancing, and how a property management firm can help.

Property Management


HUD Programs

Grant Writing

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Start a management firm

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